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Congratulations to you guys! Lovely words :)

so cool guys! :)


i do not have words for how awesome this is or the two of you are!

wow, Congratulations! 10 Years~~~~ we are getting to the 1st one, and my husband already forgot the exact date....that's how absolutely silly and annoying at the same time he can be.

Congradulations 10 years is massive so well done.

Congrats! I love the sparkler pics! I featured one of the photos and linked this post to my own blog for my weekly Friday dance. Love your store!


Congratulations! That's amazing! I wish you a fab 10 more years!!! And beyond...

congratulations, guys! hope you had a fantastic time at the cabin. can't believe we were at ace the same weekend...crazy.

Love the photos, and CONGRATS!!

so cute. you guys kill me. xoxo

How sweet - congratulations!

LOVE. IT. (jordan sent me over, i'm a fan of your etsy, and so happy to have found your blog). congratulations!

hahaha, adorable. congratulations!

Congrats! Hey, I know that deck-- you were at Lost River Modern, weren't you? Lovely place.

yeayea yea!!!!!!!! congrats!

WOW...love that!

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