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i want to move in with you two. i love your home and you are so nice...cool people are just cool, even when you expect them to be snobby. you are so nice!

i really enjoyed this. i followed a link from decor8, i think. anyway, i was so happy to see my sign in your home! i mean, it's YOUR sign, but it has my saying on it -- the one i submitted for your first your message here project (i have everything i need.) that's awesome. you guys rock. yay!

I had no idea you guys lived in Philadelphia. Small world! Here I've been thinking you were in New York or California. Philly is really under-represented, so thanks for giving it a great, creative, stylish face!

Your space is so inspirational! It has tons of interesting things in it without being overpowering or too cluttered. i love that everything has a story, too cute. I shared it on my blog because i feel your style deserves to be seen. love love love it!

I LOVE you guys! It was so good to see you both! I am so excited about all of the publicity you have got and all of the fans that you have...I am definately one! Stephen..you are TOTES BOX FRESH!
Alison in AZ

I never get tired of seeing your inspirational home...I just adore it. The two of you are so incredibly talented and creative. I cannot wait to see all that you come up with over the years! Thanks for sharing this and how adorable are you two? Very! :)

Loved the video! And love your space! So inspiration and just fun fun fun fun fun!

Your living space is unlike any other. Are there more shots of it that we can drool over? I had just seen this on youtube, and it reminded me to come back to your blog after some time away. I'm a big fan of your work and aesthetic. (I also have a globe-colored world!) Hope to see lots more.

what a fabulous place! being that I also live in philadelphia, it's inspiring to see such creativity in action in this city. thanks for sharing your home with us!

Your place looks so amazing and fun! I was really inspired after seeing your space.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful loft with us all. It really is an inspiring space, and gives those of us who rent hope for our own spaces!

How cool! Love it, I really enjoyed watching it.

Um, I didnt mean to say hate! Thats really harsh... I dont prefer closed in homes or spaces! :)
So sorry!

Oh thats great, I love everything that is in your home! I like how there is so much light, I hate closed in homes. :)

More news from your London correspondant (ha) those dog photos really reminded me of this website http://www.womenanddogsuk.co.uk/aboutme.html which I found out about through comedian Dave Gorman and his Googlewhack adventure http://www.davegorman.com/projects_googlewhack_adventure.html. It's rather quirky, but cute. Maybe you would be interested by a fellow collector!
Your flat is even more beautiful than I imagined, I am very jealous.

how fun!

cool - great little insight, thanks! cx

Oh my gosh I love this!

Just want to let you know that I just featured you on my blog! you can check it out here:

You both are very inspiring!
-Moorea Seal

You guys are the coolest! I love your all your tidy collections of items, it helps me justify my own thrift store habits :).
Here's an old slide of my grandma and her dog I thought you'd like:

Rad! Is that wooded/forest-y scene wallpaper? Fantastic...you guys are so stinkin' cute!

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