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I really love,love,love this house!

So beautiful! Not only the shelves, but everything, really.
I'm in love with the globe collection on top of the shelves!

Love them! The detail in the boards are great! I so wish I had that many shelves. I'd feel every cranny.

I'm here via Poppytalk.

This is amazing. I get a little depressed when people's "before" is so much nicer than my "right now":). I shall bookmark this under "inspiring".

WOW. They look great!

um, wow.

I usually don't comment much on blogs but I stumbled upon this one and have to say: Tooshay !! Yes, that's how I spell it when I really want to emphasize. Anyway, good job, good job. Well worth the time. Cheers!

can you come over and fix my life through shelving? we don't mind if you stay for two weeks.

also, the reverend and i are planning another trip to your fair city in may. are you ready for that?

cool! love it!

i see the faux bois metal file box i sent you a few weeks ago. glad it found a fantastic home!

Wow tons of cubbys in this shelf but it looks wicked! I like how you have changed the adjacent wall also the colours compliment well.


wow, it looks amazing!

Looks stellar!

They look beautiful!

that is the inside of your HOUSE? i'm in love.

and your blog? divine.


This is amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Can we get some instructions on building something like? For real!

Oh Shauna and Steve..they're BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So when can i place my order...ha ha, seriously though! I love them, you two are so amazing! Love you, aLi

These shelved are awesome! What does it say on your wall? Mo-something. :)

i honestly didn't think you're place could get any better...but you have proved me wrong! great job!

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